Oh the wonder, little woman

From the Heart

Emily’s post on Facebook was simple and to the point. “I pray this world is saved before this little one realizes that it needs to be saved.” Under the post was a picture of Leah in her Wonder Woman outfit. She posed without Emily telling her to do so.

It was the day after the senseless tragedy in Las Vegas.

I thought of what my heart wanted to say to four year old Leah:


Dear Leah Lou,

Photo provided

I love how you see the world with such innocence. Life, right now, appears to be good and kind and exciting. It also feels safe.

You jump on your bike and head to the neighbor’s house, just eight doors down. You have places to go, friends to meet and fun to be had. You don’t realize your mommy is watching. She has to watch. Mommy wants to make sure you are safe.

Leah, when your mommy was a little girl she would take off on her bike and my biggest worry was if she had a wreck. Now, your mommy worries about who might be lurking in the shadows, shadows that seem to be darker than ever before.

Leah, I love the joy that bubbles from your heart. I hear the joy in your giggles. I capture in my mind the cuteness of the looks you give me when I share in your silliness. Grandma Janet can’t dance but she sure can bust a few moves. I pray the memories we make will always make you smile, and perhaps giggle.

Grandma will always be your biggest cheerleader. “Give me a L–E–A–H! She can do it if anyone can!” I want you to always remember that I believe in you.

I want the world to be nice to you. I want you to know if you ever feel bullied that you need to let Grandma Janet know about it. Trust me, Leah, when I say I will always have your back. No one wants to mess with your grandma.

Leah, always be a champion for the underdog and the mistreated. It is in being kind that you will keep your heart soft.

Let your words be kind and your thoughts be hopeful. Look for the good in people. Yes, sometimes you may have to look really hard. Do not let hope be extinguished because of hard places in your journey. Better days will be just around the corner, okay, maybe a few corners but hope will keep you looking and moving.

Leah, success is not found in your bank account but in your heart. Find your passion and follow your dreams. Success is found at the end of every day when you simply know that you have done your best that day. Find a way, every day, to make a difference in someone’s life.

My sweet girl, life will not always be fair. I pray that you realize that not getting everything that you want and the way you want, will make you appreciate what you do have. All good things come to those who wait. Learn to enjoy the journey even when you don’t like the scenery. Look for the friends who come your way, even for just a short time.

Leah, you have your mother’s spirit. You light up a room whenever you enter it. People need that light.

My little Wonder Woman someday, when my voice is no longer heard, I pray you remember my words . . . even in the bad times, always for the good in people. Look for the helpers, they will be there. If you have the opportunity, be the helper.

Hope is found in darkest of days when someone is willing to step out and not be afraid of the dark. Be the one Leah.

Be our Wonder Woman.