Oh the places I remember . . .

From the Heart

On a typical Tuesday morning you can find me in therapy. Well actually, I will be having breakfast at the Uptown Cafe with my best friend and sister from another mother, Patrice. The servers know us well. Miranda brings us lots of coffee. For a little over an hour we laugh, wipe tears and often take a trip down our shared Memory Lane.

Last Tuesday we had a therapy crasher . . . Perry Williams. It was okay since he is married to our other sister from another mother, Kathy Richardson Williams.

Perry asked if I knew how many people had read my column on the HCR Facebook page. My answer was no. When he told me that several thousand had done so I said, “Well I guess I better watch what and who I write about.” Actually I was shocked.

Perry said that I had touched the memories and hearts of many who grew up here.

Isn’t that what so much of “old” Noblesville is about? Creating memories. Building a community that treasures history. Caring about what we leave as our legacy. It’s why so many never leave and why so many return to our little corner of the “Promise Land.”

History, written by hardworking storekeepers, is still alive and living well in downtown Noblesville. The buildings still stand. They just have different names over the doors.

Some say Matteo’s, others say the old J. C. Penney store. The Pickett Fence is known as the old Willits Store by “Old Noblesville.”

Corner Cottage? The old Corner Drug Store. Weldy’s Drugs? Hayden’s Drug’s on North 10th. Drug Stores had snack bars back in the day of my growing up. Cherry Phosphates or even Chocolate Cokes were served to all who sat at the counters. Just one long counter where folks grabbed a round seat just as soon as someone left.

Main Street Headquarters was the Ken-Lo Cafeteria, owned by Kenneth and Lois Hanna. Best sugar cream pie in town. Beanies Cafeteria, where people were lined out the door on Saturday nights, was on North 9th Street just south of Clinton Street.

Did you realize that many of the city streets are named after presidents and trees? Some even predicted a presidential election after the streets were named. Nixon and Clinton.

Bill’s Drive In. Ramsey’s Restaurant. Sandwich Inn. Outside Inn Restaurant. Blue Ribbon Dairy . . . best ice cream in town. All these before fast food arrived in town. I know I’ve missed some that need mentioned. I know I will have people remind me on Facebook.

Syd’s Bar, well, is still Syd’s. Oh the stories that could be written by those behind the bar over the many years where beer was consumed and spilled by several generations.

I bought clothes at Mister Ed’s, Nancy Lee’s and Lords. I bought hose (before pantyhose) held up by a garter belt at G.C. Murphy’s. Oh my goodness I doubt that my grandkids know what that is. Sheesh I doubt that my kids know what a garter belt is.

My mom and dad bought me Easter chicks at G.C. Murphy. You could get about anything there and what you could not find there was a few steps around the courthouse square at Kirk’s Hardware. And to this day you can still find about anything for home repair at Kirk’s.

I sure wish we still had the Diana Theater. Sunday afternoon I would be found either there or at the Rainbow Roller Rink. The Grand March was the highlight of the afternoon, especially if a boy asked you to skate with him.

Forest Park was as close as we ever got to an amusement park when I was a kid. The Crask Family had boat rides in small concrete pool of water, a small train with a track that wound throughout the south side of the playground, as well as pony rides. The ponies were brought from the farm every weekend morning.

Forest Park Pool was where I spent every weekday in the summer. Baby oil, Sun In Hair lightener, and frozen Zero Bars were “must haves” of the summer. My friends and I all had season passes. My goal was to someday jump off the high dive. Some goals are better off never reached.

So many memories were stirred up this week. Memories that I share with so many who know exactly what PR3-**** means.

I love my Tuesday’s with Patrice. I love the coffee at the Uptown. I love being a part of “Old Noblesville.”

And yes, I am so old that I can say that I have driven a car over Potters Bridge. Oh the places I have been and thank you all for going back with me the past couple of weeks.

If you want to hear more . . . see you Tuesdays at the Uptown Cafe. Miranda, start the coffee!