Grace said, Grace given

From the Heart

I’ve been a mom for 40 years, a grandmother for 20 and a mother-in-law for 12 years. There is one thing that I have learned to give my family, and that is GRACE. Is it always easy? No.

A few weeks ago my daughter-in-law told me that their family would be going to Florida over Thanksgiving. I understood, as her dad and his wife live there.

When she told me it was for a soccer tournament for Abby and her team of fourteen year olds I was like . . . Seriously? When she said that they had a game at noon on Thanksgiving I was like . . . SERIOUSLY??? I could have easily gone into a rant . . . but I didn’t. Please understand that I love sports . . . but seriously, this has crossed the “acceptable” line . . . bigtime. Rant over . . . for now.

A few weeks later, Emily told me that while they would be coming home for Thanksgiving, their plane would not get in until noon and they would hurry to our house and then to Drew’s parents for dinner.

Wait. Hold on.

While I cherish Thanksgiving as my favorite holiday. While I love spending hours in the kitchen cooking for my family. While I want to be selfish.

I have chosen to not just say Grace on the holidays but extend it to my family.

I simply take them when I can get them.

I will still have time with my son and his family when they get back home. I will still have a family dinner with Emily and her family and my mother on the Sunday after Thanksgiving.

I told them, “Don’t stress over it.” I will not guilt them into pleasing me. Nope. Not going to do it.

I look forward to time with my family. I have learned over the years that both Thanksgiving and Christmas can be celebrated on days other than the ones designated on the calendar.

I know when you have little kids that it is so stressful hurrying from one family to another. Everyone tries to balance time at each house so that no one feels slighted. Needless to say that no matter what you do, someone is going to get twisted.

I think my family enjoys being together . . . and not watching the clock. I think my family loves my cooking . . . and not trying to eat too much because they have a second meal to go to and eat.

Am I still fixing a big dinner on Thanksgiving? Absolutely.

Our family table will look a little different this year. Chuck and I will have the two oldest Grandmunchkins and my mom with us. We have invited extended family and close friends.

And yes, Grace will be said and Grace will be given.