Where oh where has integrity gone?

From the Heart

A man of his word. A man of integrity. A man who always did the right thing.

I was raised by that man. Jim Hart was a man whose hand shake was a binding agreement.

My dad was old school. My dad was of the greatest generation. My dad believed and lived with old-fashioned values.

Dad made a vow to my mom at the age of 16. For better, for worse. For richer, for poorer. In sickness and in health. Till death do us part. He said “I do” and he did, for 64 years, until the good Lord took him home.

I believe that our reputation is built on our choices and following through on our commitments. A man or woman of honor says what they are going to do … and they do it.

It is not always easy. It’s sticking to an agreement and wading through the muck of work, relationships and issues.

Commitment doesn’t always feel good. Commitment doesn’t always take the easy road, but it does take the high road.

Commitment doesn’t always put you in the forefront or the limelight. Commitment does not leave behind those you brought beside you.

A village relies not on men and women of power but on those men and women of strong commitments that they hold onto even when they are not popular but they are right for his or her people.

The words of a man of integrity cannot be erased by opposition, discomfort or a simple change of mind. His words stick when the winds of adversity blow their strongest.

People look up to a man of his word. They know the chances of him letting them down are slim. A man of integrity takes the brunt of hurt for his people. He is their shelter.

A man of integrity will be bruised by harsh words but they make him stronger.

A man of integrity looks for the best in people because he looks with his heart. He builds people up even when he is being put down.

Integrity stands like a lighthouse to those who have been let down by others.

A man of honor thinks and acts upon what is best for his community and not what is best for him, personally. That man never sees the “I”, he sees the “we”.

I believe old-fashioned values and ideals are needed again.

We have become a society where commitments are promises written in pencil. Vows are spoken then taken back. Deals are made but fingers are crossed behind the back. A man of integrity is not easily found.

A better deal. A sweeter kiss given by some eye candy. What’s in it for me becomes more important than what is in it for the good of the family or the community.

Money is paid that costs a man his reputation.

Men and women are left behind to suffer the consequences of a man’s choices. A man shuffles the cards and then walks away from the game, leaving people scurrying to clean up the mess he left them.

Oh the bitterness of betrayal. Oh the pain of broken trust. Oh the agony when the “I do’s” become “I don’t”.

I miss my dad. I miss the old-fashioned values he showed his family.

I wish we had more men like Jim Hart. I wish we had fewer men like Josh McDaniels.

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