Stage is set for May 8 primary

The County Line

There are races for county council in District 1 where incumbent Fred Glynn is being challenged by Sue Maki, in District 3 where incumbent Steve Schwartz faces Mark Hall, and in District 4 where Ken Alexander, Sheldon Barnes, Christine Pauley and Rick Sharp are seeking to succeed retiring Councilman Paul Ayers.

Hamilton County Commissioner Christine Altman will be challenged by Matt Milam in the District 1 race.

A competitive race is seen for the open state representative seat being vacated by Rep. Richardson. It features Brad Beaver, Garen Bragg, Charles Goodrich and Gregory O’Connor.

Contests elsewhere in the county find State Sen. Mike Delph being challenged by Corrie Meyer, and State Rep. Jerry Torr facing Tom Linkmeyer.

At the township level, there are GOP primary contests between Chris Miller and Robyn Cook for Jackson Township trustee, Fall Creek Township between Doug Allman and Ben Slota for trustee and in Washington Township Marla Ailor will run against Daniel Carey Tolan.

While Democrats have not filled at the top of their primary ballot, numerous candidates for precinct committeeman and state convention delegate have filed. But, these are party positions and actually not public offices. Republicans also have filed in large numbers for their state convention, but GOP precinct committeeman posts were filled two years ago and not up for election this year.

See the final list of all candidates running for office below.


2018 Hamilton County Primary Candidate Filings

Clerk of the Circuit Court:

Kathy Kreag Richardson (Republican)


Jennifer Hayden (Republican)


Bill Clifford (Republican)

Eddie Moore (Republican)

Dennis Quakenbush (Republican)

Mitchell Russell (Republican)

Jason Sloderbeck (Republican) (Withdrew Jan. 16)


John R. Chalfin (Republican)


Robin L. Ward (Republican)

County Commissioner, District 1:

Christine Altman (Republican)

Matt Milam (Republican)

County Council, District 1:

Jeremy Eltz (Democrat)

Fred Glynn (Republican)

Sue Maki (Republican)

County Council, District 2:

Amy Elizabeth Massillamany (Republican)

County Council, District 3:

Steve Schwartz (Republican)

Mark F. Hall (Republican)

Jeremy Hawk (Democrat)

Gregg A. Werling (Democrat)

County Council, District 4:

Ken Alexander (Republican)

Sheldon Barnes (Republican)

William L. Howard II (Democrat)

Christine Pauley (Republican)

Rick Sharp (Republican)

Adams Township Trustee:

John Patrick (Republican)

Adams Township Board:

Floyd H. Barker (Republican)

Gail E. Godby (Republican)

Ronald Stone (Republican)

Clay Township Trustee:

Douglas Callahan (Republican)

Clay Township Board:

Paul K. Bolin (Republican)

Mary Eckard (Republican)

Paul D. Hensel (Republican)

Matthew J. Snyder (Republican)

Kevin Patterson (Democrat)

Michael R. Sweeten (Democrat)

Erin Vahrenkamp (Democrat)

Delaware Township Trustee:

Debbie Driskell (Republican)

Delaware Township Board:

Dayna Colbert (Democrat)

Rick Fain (Republican)

David Giffel (Republican)

Kent S. Nelson (Democrat)

Ed Pierce (Republican)

Mary E. Ray (Democrat)

Marilyn A. Schenkel (Republican)

Bianca Zaklikowski (Democrat)

Fall Creek Township Trustee:

Doug Allman (Republican)

Ben Slota (Republican)

Fall Creek Township Board:

Brian Baehl (Republican)

Michael J. Brown (Republican)

Greg Dewald (Republican)

Chad Garrard (Republican)

Jason Meyer (Republican)

Jackson Township Trustee:

Robyn Cook (Republican)

Christina (Chris) Miller (Republican)

Jackson Township Board:

Jerry G. Cook (Republican)

Nicole Duncan (Democrat)

Liz Foley Nelson (Republican)

Jeff Roberts (Republican)

Glen Schwartz (Republican)

Noblesville Township Trustee:

Tom Kenley (Republican)

Heather Rolinski (Democrat)

Noblesville Township Board:

Ray Ade, Jr. (Republican)

Joe Arrowood (Republican)

J.B. Bachman (Republican)

Terry L. Busby (Republican)

Jill T. Crehan (Democrat)

John B. Davis (Republican)

Paula Jo Gilliam (Democrat)

Peggy R. Pfister (Republican)

Washington Township Trustee:

Marla Ailor (Republican)

Danielle Carey Tolan (Republican)

Washington Township Board:

Shelly A. Brown (Democrat)

Danyele Easterhaus (Republican)

Jeannine D. Fortier (Republican)

David D. Gill (Republican)

Richard J. Hardcastle, Jr. (Republican)

Stacy London (Republican)

Cheryl McKinney (Republican)

Gary Southerland (Republican)

Erica Strahm (Republican)

Wayne Township Trustee:

Diane Crim (Republican)

Wayne Township Board:

Phil Belcher (Republican)

Robert Brent Hiday (Republican)

Robert Dustin Hiday (Republican)

Stacy Mahan (Republican)

Laura McNamara (Republican)

Brandy Bast (Democrat)

White River Township Trustee:

Jamie Rulon (Republican)

White River Township Board:

William Burkhart (Republican)

Lisa Suzanne Flanders (Republican)

Donna Gentry (Republican)

Atlanta Town Council, At Large:

Murry A. Dixon II (Republican)

Pam VanHook (Republican)

Lea Tolley (Democrat)

Cicero Town Council, At Large:

Chad Amos (Republican)

Michael W. McConnell (Republican)

Rita Smith (Republican)

Dan Strong (Republican)

Sheridan Town Council, At Large:

Daniel Bragg (Republican)

Bill Curl (Republican)

Steve Fisher (Republican)

Jimmy D. Ramsey (Republican)

Republican State Convention Delegates

Adams/Jackson/Wayne/White River (8 seats):

Scott A. Baldwin

Erin Moorhous

Katherine Moorhous

Clay, District 1 (8 seats):

Brian Barton

Kelly Barton

Timothy Hensel

Ryan A. Locke

Matt Milam

Clay, District 2 (8 seats):

Christine Pauley

Clay, District 3 (8 seats):

Susan A. Armstrong

Clay, District 4 (8 seats):

Sheldon Barnes

Sue Lile

Carl Mills

Steve Pittman

Delaware Township (9 seats):

Debbie Driskell

Ian Hauer

Jennie James Nicol

Mackenzie Nicol

Amanda J. Shera

Selina Stoller

Kristen J. Williams

Fall Creek, District 1 (5 seats):

Suzanne Heinzmann

Rachel Quade

Fall Creek, District 2 (5 seats):

Mario Massillamany

Fall Creek, District 3 (5 seats):

Doug Allman

Michele Allman

Jason Arnold

Brian Baehl

Andrew C. Maletta II

Noblesville, District 1 (9 seats):

Julia Church Kozicki

Kelly (Gerling) Rayburn

Noblesville, District 2 (9 seats):

Tim Berry

Christopher Jensen

Dale C. Kenney

Jean L. Putnam

Jason Spartz

Victoria Spartz

Washington, District 1 (6 seats):

Timothy Enyart

Larry Hopkins

Kate Snedeker

Washington, District 2 (6 seats):

Jim Ake

Democratic State Convention Delegates

District 1 (6 seats):

Lonnie Whitehead

District 2 (27 seats):

Chris Bayh

Naomi S. Bechtold

Jim Blessing

Terri Cribb

Karen daSilva

Nancy Dietmeyer

Amy L. Drum

Jeremy Eltz

Missy Eltz

James T. Goldsberry

Sara Jo Grethlein

Annette Gross

Julian Hayes

Mark C. Hinton

William L. Howard II

Cynthia Johnson

Kirsten D. Kowalewski

Rochelle D. Martinez

Susan Mills

Kimberly A. Moffett

Albert Moore

Sarah Pacific

Kevin Patterson

Molly Pearcy

Katrina Perkins

Susan Kelly Ring

Ed Russell

Michael R. Sweeten

Beverly Thornburg

Patricia Toschlog

Erin Vahrenkamp

William Weprich

Henry Winckler

Teresa Zimmers-Koniaris

District 3 (11 seats):

Shelly A. Brown

Mary Pat Milewski

Deanna Schleeter

John P. Schleeter

Alice Weintraut

District 4 (10 seats):

Dayna Colbert

Meredith Fox

Daniel J. Greenhalgh

Katy Gentry McCord

Kathleen M. Gregor

Stephanie M. Kimble

Scott Lamberth

Kent S. Nelson

Mary E. Ray

District 5 (18 seats):

Holly Bahr

Brad Beer

Jill T. Crehan

Christopher M. Davis

Gail Neuwirth Geisler

Stephen D. Gentry

Paula Jo Gilliam

Alexa Griffith

Jeremy Hawk

Christian Renner

Tracy M. Roberts

Heather Rolinski

Abigail Thrasher

District 6 (15 seats):

Jaimie Cairns

Aimee Rivera Cole

Sean Dugdale

Gregory A. Purvis

Cindy Weingarten

At Large (7 seats):

Ann Coultas

Marie A. DeMore

Tina Lea Dunn

Jan Henry

Judith Norton Wasik

April Owens

Heidi Rauch

Pamelia Jo Sublett

Democratic Precinct Committeeman:

Henry Winckler (Carmel Meadows)

Sarah Pacific (Clay Southwest 1)

Debra L. Grace-Johnson (College)

William Weprich (Cool Creek North)

Ann Coultas (Rangeline)

Catherine R. Fleckenstein (Richland)

Katrina Perkins (White Chapel)

Susie Crawford (Woodland)

Ed Russell (Spring Mill 1)

Julian Hayes (Arbors)

Nancy Dietmeyer (Hunters Creek)

Patricia Toschlog (Lexington)

Jim Blessing (Mt. Carmel 2)

Albert Moore (Bay Hill)

Michael R. Sweeten (Stonewick)

Rosemary Noel (Cheswick)

Annette Gross (Clay Southwest 3)

Cynthia Johnson (Coxhall)

Erin Vahrenkamp (Kingsborough)

Teresa Zimmers-Koniaris (Clay Northwest 2)

Stephanie M. Kimble (Delaware 4)

Mary E. Ray (Delaware 6)

Bianca Zaklikowski (Delaware 7)

Sara Schmidt (Delaware 9)

Kim Davison (Delaware 18)

Scott Lamberth (Delaware 18)

Larry E. Kitchel (Delaware 22)

Julie Chambers (Fall Creek 5)

Gregory A. Purvis (Fall Creek 19)

Mulalo Rikhotso (Fall Creek 31)

Jaimie Cairns (Fall Creek 33)

Gail Neuwirth Geisler (Noblesville 2)

Holly Bahr (Noblesville 10)

Sarah D. Russell Goddard (Noblesville 10)

Christopher M. Davis (Noblesville 11)

Heather Rolinski (Noblesville 11)

Gregg A. Werling (Noblesville 22)

Mona I. Mehas (Noblesville 25)

Christian Renner (Noblesville 28)

Lori Cates Hand (Noblesville 29)

Jill T. Crehan (Noblesville 39)

Shelly A. Brown (Joliet)

Cheryl L. Berry (Westfield 8)

Melissa Auciello-Brogan (Oak Ridge 2)

Brad Beer (Wayne 1)

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