Register your team today for The Sleddy in Fishers

Fishers Parks & Recreation will announce the date and time of the event 24 hours prior on social media. (Photo provided)

Children and adults are invited to compete in The Sleddy, Fishers’ ultimate sledding competition that can take place anytime between now and March 19 (pending the right conditions at Flat Fork Creek Park).

Fishers Parks & Recreation will release a statement on Facebook and Twitter 24 hours in advance announcing the date and time that The Sleddy will take place, and registered teams will assemble at the designated time with their sledding devices to launch the event. Registration will close once the announcement is made, so register your team before it’s too late.

During the wait, start creating your sledding device. Sleds can be constructed of a plastic store-bought sled and cardboard, so show your innovative spirit.

For more information about the event and competition rules, please visit our website.