Rebar Development opens office in Fishers


Shelby Bowen spent nearly two years working for the City of Fishers as the Assistant Director of Redevelopment, and now he is one of three people opening a private redevelopment firm in the Fishers Nickel Plate District. Bowen is joining Jerry Ewing and Jim Ratliff to form Rebar Development.

The new firm plans on pursuing opportunities to partner with local governments on development projects.

Based on a news release announcing the firm’s opening, Ewing will handle the corporate business side of the house, while Ratliff plans to deal with investments and banking.

Rebar’s office will be located at 8937 Technology Drive, Fishers.

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  1. Shelby,
    I co teach Innovations class at HSEHS. We have two classes of entrepreneurial students who would love to hear your story. Would you want to speak with our kids?
    Steve Guenin

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