Reasons and resources to quit smoking this year

Dear Editor:

Cigarette smoking is the leading cause of preventable death in the United States. What amazes me is that one in five Hoosiers smoke despite the fact that over 11,000 adults in Indiana die from smoking related illnesses each year. Indiana is ranked the 10th highest in adult smoking prevalence in all the states. That’s not a top 10 list that I am proud to be on.

Most Hoosiers who smoke want to quit. Over half (56 percent) of Hoosier adults who smoke tried to quit in the past year. So Indiana, let’s resolve to quit. The most important thing that you can do for your health in 2018 if you are a smoker is to quit! Here’s a top 10 list that might help you.

Top 10 Reasons to Resolve to Quit Smoking in 2018

  1. You will feel healthier right away, because as soon as you stop smoking, your body will begin to rid itself of tobacco toxins. And after just twenty minutes, your heart rate drops and circulation improves.
  2. You will save money. The money you save can be spent on your family. Do something fun and exciting!
  3. You will live longer. Based on data, smoking 10 cigarettes or more a day will reduce your life span by an average of four to six years. Those who are exposed to cigarette smoke (called passive smoking) will have a one year reduction in life span.
  4. You’ll be healthier and reduce your chances of having a heart attack, stroke and cancer. You will also reduce your risk of having emphysema, bronchitis, impotence, fertility problems, cataracts, blindness and wrinkles.
  5. Your loved ones will be healthier. Those you love, especially young children, may develop asthma, lung problems and even heart problems because of your smoking.
  6. You won’t be a danger to others. Secondhand smoke causes almost 50,000 deaths every year. There are 4,500 different chemicals in a puff of cigarette smoke and over 40 of these are carcinogens.
  7. You won’t smell like smoke. Most people describe a smoker’s scent as unfavorable.
  8. Your sense of taste will improve. Breathing in hot fumes is toxic to the senses and dulls the ability to taste.
  9. You will prevent leathery skin and deep wrinkles. Smoking deprives the skin tissue of oxygen by constricting blood vessels and makes you age prematurely.
  10. You may prevent seasonal flus and colds. Smokers get viral bacterial and other infections more often because smoking paralyzes cilia (the tiny hairs that line the respiratory tract) which are the core protection for infections.

Kids who see their parents smoke or drink are also more likely to smoke and drink themselves. Quit smoking and save your children your smoking-related illnesses.

Make the choice to quit today. Make your 2018 smoke-free and healthier than ever.

There is hope and there is help! For Hoosiers interested in quitting cigarettes or any other form of tobacco, the Indiana Tobacco Quitline provides free advice, support and resources. Tobacco users interested in quitting may access these services by calling 1-800-QUIT-NOW or visiting

Stacy London

Smoke-free Hamilton County