Mark Hall announces run for County Council District 3


Mark F. Hall, Noblesville, a conservative Republican and business owner, announced he will run for Hamilton County Council in District 3 in the May 8 primary. The following is from his Wednesday press release:

“Over the past year I’ve listened to hundreds of our neighbors talk about life in Hamilton County. While issues vary the concerns are troubling and similar. Voters ask, why doesn’t government think about the taxpayers’ money first? Why doesn’t someone stand up for us? Our district deserves better than big spending establishment career politicians. I watch firsthand how the families and taxpayers in District 3 are represented. Spending big dollars has become way too easy and is now the “normal”, not the exception. Cronyism and going along to get along has taken the place of kitchen table common sense. This is why I am a citizen candidate.”

“As a 30-plus-year resident of Noblesville my family enjoys living in the best county in the Midwest. The quality of life in Hamilton County is good and I will fight to keep it that way. I am running to represent the taxpayers’ money first, not vendor interests or personal agendas. I bring objectivity and autonomy to the job. As an employer I live budgets and fiscal responsibility with each weekly payroll. I bring 30 years of real world kitchen table budget, business, administrative, charity and executive experience to the Council.”

“I am a Christian and stand for my faith first. As an employer and business owner I stand for conservative execution. I’ve lived it for 30 years. I stand for small government and for a government that looks at reducing its span of control, not growing it. I stand for a government that honors the taxpayers it works for and one that literally serves the people. I stand for a government that isn’t arrogant or self-important but one that’s transparent. I stand for a government that operates with impeccable integrity when no one is looking. I stand for helping our fellow citizens. Thank you.”

As an employer Mark provides jobs to hundreds of Hoosiers in technology, engineering and the skilled trades. His three daughters, sons-in-law and five grandchildren all live in the area. Mark lives in Noblesville with his wife of 38 years, Lisa, along with their four Australian Shepherds. They are members of Harbour Shores Church and actively volunteer with Shepherd Community Center, Truth at Work and teaching employment classes to inmates and underprivileged young adults in the area. Mark enjoys his grandchildren, music, hometown theater, improv comedy and date nights with Lisa.

For more information regarding his candidacy, please visit or visit the campaign’s Facebook page.