List of local candidates begins to grow

Will Riley (second from left) announced his candidacy for Hamilton County Superior 1 Judge on the steps of the Hamilton County Judicial Center. Joining Riley was Peg Durrer (left), Russell Cate (second from right) and Daniel Pfleging. (Reporter photo by Jeff Jellison)

Quakenbush files for Sheriff, Riley for Superior 1 Judge . . .

Candidates for judge and sheriff were among this week’s addition to the growing list of local Republican hopefuls filing for office in the May 8 primary election.


Dennis Quakenbush, commander of the sheriff’s patrol division, filed yesterday for the May 8 GOP primary election. He makes the fourth candidate in the race to succeed Sheriff Mark Bowen who this year completes his two terms allowed by law.

Quakenbush is in his eighth year heading the road officers division of 40 officers and 24 reserves. He has been named Merit Deputy of the Year by the Sheriff’s Department and Road Officer of the Year by the Prosecutor.

The candidate, his wife and four sons live in Cicero. He holds a master’s degree in business administration. He promises “to proactively fight the substance abuse crisis, improve operations to make the department more efficient and put greater focus on community involvement.”

Also announcing was Will Riley who will seek nomination for judge of Superior Court 1. His candidacy follows incumbent Judge Steve Nation’s decision to retire from the bench at the end of the year.

Riley, an attorney who lives in Fishers, practices with the Indianapolis law firm of Riley, Williams and Piatt. He is a 1989 graduate of the Indiana University School of Law.

His practice has focused on business litigation, pharmaceutical, medical device cases, product liability and defamation.

Riley released the names of his campaign co-chairs Russell Cate and Peg Durrer and treasurer, former judge Dan Pfleging.

“Hamilton County residents deserve justice that is equal for all. As judge I will take my responsibility seriously to safeguard open access to the court and provide fair and impartial rulings,” Riley maintains.

Also filing this week for re-election was incumbent county Prosecutor Lee Buckingham and incumbent Superior Court 6 Judge Gail Bardach. Both Republicans filed at the Statehouse as is required of judicial officers. Neither thus far has a primary opponent.

A Democrat, Heather Rolinski, filed this week for township trustee in Noblesville where Republican Tom Kenley is the incumbent and has also filed. A scattering of other Democrats filed for minor township and political party positions.

A full list of those candidates who have filed since opening of the filing period follows:

Clerk of the Circuit Court:

Kathy Kreag Richardson (Republican)


Jennifer Hayden (Republican)


Bill Clifford (Republican)

Eddie Moore (Republican)

Dennis Quakenbush (Republican)

Mitchell Russell (Republican)

Jason Sloderbeck (Republican) (Withdrawn)


John R. Chalfin (Republican)


Robin L. Ward (Republican)

County Council, District 1:

Fred Glynn (Republican)

Sue Maki (Republican)

County Council, District 2:

Amy Elizabeth Massiilamany (Republican)

County Council, District 3:

Steve Schwartz (Republican)

County Council, District 4:

Ken Alexander (Republican)

Christine Pauley (Republican)

Rick Sharp (Republican)

Adams Township Trustee:

John Patrick (Republican)

Adams Township Board:

Floyd H. Barker (Republican)

Gail E. Godby (Republican)

Clay Township Board:

Paul K. Bolin (Republican)

Mary Eckard (Republican)

Paul D. Hensel (Republican)

Matthew J. Snyder (Republican)

Kevin Patterson (Democrat)

Delaware Township Trustee:

Debbie Driskell (Republican)

Delaware Township Board:

Rick Fain (Republican)

David Giffel (Republican)

Mary E. Ray (Democrat)

Marilyn A. Schenkel (Republican)

Fall Creek Township Trustee:

Doug Allman (Republican)

Fall Creek Township Board:

Brian Baehl (Republican)

Greg Dewald (Republican)

Chad Garrard (Republican)

Jason Meyer (Republican)

Jackson Township Trustee:

Robyn Cook (Republican)

Christina (Chris) Miller (Republican)

Jackson Township Board:

Jerry G. Cook (Republican)

Glen Schwartz (Republican)

Noblesville Township Trustee:

Tom Kenley (Republican)

Heather Rolinski (Democrat)

Noblesville Township Board:

Joe Arrowood (Republican)

Terry L. Busby (Republican)

John B. Davis (Republican)

Paula Jo Gilliam (Democrat)

Peggy R. Pfister (Republican)

Washington Township Trustee:

Danielle Carey Tolan (Republican)

Washington Township Board:

Jeannine D. Fortier (Republican)

David D. Gill (Republican)

Wayne Township Trustee:

Diane Crim (Republican)

Wayne Township Board:

Stacy Mahan (Republican)

White River Township Trustee:

Jamie Rulon (Republican)

White River Township Board:

Lisa Suzanne Flanders (Republican)

Cicero Town Council, At Large:

Chad Amos (Republican)

Dan Strong (Republican)

Sheridan Town Council, At Large:

Bill Curl (Republican)

Steve Fisher (Republican)

Republican State Convention Delegates

Adams/Jackson/Wayne/White River:

Scott A. Baldwin

Clay District 1:

Brian Barton

Kelly Barton

Timothy Hensel

Matt Milam

Clay District 2:

Christine Pauley

Clay District 4:

Sue Lile

Delaware Township:

Debbie Driskell

Fall Creek, District 2:

Mario Massiilamany

Fall Creek, District 3:

Doug Allman

Brian Baehl

Noblesville, District 1:

Kelly (Gerling) Rayburn

Noblesville, District 2:

Tim Berry

Washington, District 2:

Jim Ake

Democratic State Convention Delegates

District 1:

Lonnie Whitehead

District 2:

Jim Blessing

Annette Gross

Kevin Patterson

Ed Russell

William Weprich

District 4:

Scott Lamberth

Mary E. Ray

District 5:

Paula Jo Gilliam

Heather Rolinski

District 6:

Gregory A. Purvis

Democratic Precinct Committeeman:

William Weprich (Cool Creek North)

Ed Russell (Spring Mill 1)

Jim Blessing (Mt. Carmel 2)

Annette Gross (Clay Southwest 3)

Mary E. Ray (Delaware 6)

Scott Lamberth (Delaware 18)

Gregory A. Purvis (Fall Creek 19)

Heather Rolinski (Noblesville 11)