How will citizens benefit from the new trail?

I don’t usually write a letter to the editor but this time I felt the need. I agree 100 percent with all that Mike Bowen had to say about the secretive meeting held between the mayors of Noblesville and Fishers, with very few others.

I am having a problem figuring out how we, the citizens, are going to benefit from this travesty. There is no need at all for another trail, as the ones in existence are not that widely used, and are not safe. You can twist figures any way you want to get what you want. You can count the same people (not different ones) every day and come up with all kinds of large numbers but they are not factual.  The people of Noblesville did not put signs in their yards saying make us another useless and expensive trail but “Save The Train.”

The train can be used for much more than it was before and could even go to Indianapolis, I think.  A lot of people used the train to go the State Fair as they don’t have to drive and try to find a parking space and it ran enough times that you could stay as long as you liked. We always used the train for the Fair and in the other direction to the Atlanta Earth Festival. It could also be used to get people to the Tipton Pork Festival and the Pizza Shack, and the Polar Express for kids. For that matter, the train could also be utilized to get people to downtown Indy for some of their events.

The decision made, without considering “we the people,” was a very selfish decision and probably a few other things. The mayors should try to listen to the voters who put them there, for a change.

Phroncia Hill

One of the “old timers” from Noblesville