A good pajama day

From the Heart

Some days are just meant to be a pajama day. Friday was one of them.

Oh the weather outside was frightful.

Neither freezing rain nor blowing snow nor sleet nor ice would keep me from getting to work at the dealership, but it was my day off. Yippee!

So on Friday, when the sound of freezing rain was hitting the windows, I was tucked, comfortably, inside our home.

I have always loved being “snowed in” or on Friday, you could say, I was “iced in”.

So I began to cook and bake.

At the first report of this week’s upcoming winter storm I headed to the grocery. I wanted to avoid so many of those going there later in the week for all the foods of comfort.

Items on the list meant we would be having meatloaf, spaghetti, taco stew, ham and beans, you know, comfort food. Enough for a week of comfort.

First thing, Friday morning, I baked the large Grands Cinnamon Rolls. I was in my pajamas.

I put a pot of ham and beans on the stove to have later in the day along with cornbread baked in a cast iron skillet.

I walked into our master closet and thought, “ok, this is the day”. I began taking everything off the shelves.

I found necklaces and earrings and other jewelry that I had forgotten about. I discovered small gifts that I had tucked away for Christmas gifts. Oh well, there is always next Christmas.

Earlier, in the fall, I had begun going through my clothes and decided if I had not worn something in a year I would give it away. Of course, there were a few items that I was sure I would wear again. Those had been favorites in the past so I was sure they would be favorites again. (Chuck Leonard would probably argue with this reasoning.)

Back to my closet. I am still in my pajamas.

I tossed. I stacked. I organized. I rearranged.

I found pantyhose. I found slips. Remember slips? For those under the age of probably 40, they are what women wore underneath their dresses. When was the last time I wore pantyhose? When was the last time I wore a slip? I cannot remember. They were all put in a “not to be returned to my closet” stack.

Chuck went to LA Fitness. He asked if I wanted to go. I was still in my pajamas. So the answer was No.

I got so much accomplished on my “iced in” day. It had been quite a while since I got so many things marked off my “to do” list at home. It felt so good.

I never left the house and I never got out of my pajamas. It was a good day.