Keeping track of my ducks

“I don’t have all, not even some, of my ducks in a row. But they’re all in the same pond, so I have that going for me which is cool.”

It’s a quote from the Smart School House on Facebook.

I can so relate.

I like to keep track, somewhat, on what is going on with my two kids and their spouses and my six grandchildren. Never mind that my kids are 35 and 39. They are still my kids.

This next weekend should be interesting.

Abby, our eighth grader has a soccer tournament with the Indy Premier in Las Vegas. Angie, my daughter-in-law, is going with her. Emily and Drew are going to California for four days for a wedding.

Chuck and I will have six-year-old Aiden and four-year-old Leah, except when I am working. 18-year-old Alecksa will have them unless she is working and then Uncle Brandon will have them.

On Friday someone has to be at Emily and Drew’s when Aiden gets off the bus. Leah must be picked up shortly after Aiden gets home from her preschool, about ten minutes away from their home.

Now you have to understand that Aiden has his first basketball game on Saturday. His cousin Jake who is a fifth grader will also have a basketball game on Saturday. I’ll be working so Grand Chuck and Brandon and Alecksa will have to figure it out.

To complicate matters you have to remember that Aiden and Leah are still in car seats.

Emily said she will have the logistics figured out.

19 year old Matt may be called in as a backup when he is not working as a chef at Sagamore Golf Course.

So, I’m worried about my ducks and I’m worried about the pond. It’s 17 minutes east to Emily’s on her side of the pond and 15 minutes north to Brandon’s side of the pond.  There is no way that I will have my ducks in a row. I just don’t want to be in the middle of the pond without a paddle or car seats.

Stay tuned. My ducks have always inspired a few columns.