Austin Boyer selected to participate in the 2017 United World Games

Guerin Catholic senior Austin Boyer will represent the United States this June at the United World Games. Boyer was chosen to participate in the U19 USA Men’s Select Team and will travel to Austria, Germany and Italy. (Photo provided)

On June 19, 2017 Austin Boyer, a senior at Guerin Catholic High School will leave the United States to play in the United World Games.

Austin has been the first male selected from Indiana to ever play on the American International Sports Teams (AIST) in the United World Games.  Players from all over the USA will join to compete internationally.  This experience will give them the opportunity to explore a new culture while also learning valuable life lessons through personal experiences.  Austin will also be able to improve his skills on the field of play as well as have a better understanding of the world around him.  Austin will represent the USA and gain an educational experience of a lifetime.

Austin’s mother, Dawn Boyer, received an email last fall from AIST stating that Austin had been selected as a member of the U19 United World Games. She opened the Invitation and read all about it, being very skeptical.  She researched online as well as asking Austin’s current and previous coaches and a few college coaches that they had been in contact with.  After hearing back from a couple coaches telling us it was definitely a legit invite and a true honor that Austin was chosen to participate in the U19 USA Men’s Select Team traveling to Austria, Germany and Italy June 19-29.  They are shocked and honored.  There are only three ways to be selected to be a member of this team:

  1.       Be seen and recruited by AIST directly (at showcase tournaments, etc)
  2.       Recommended by Coaches
  3.       Attend a try out session and be selected

After speaking to AIST, it was confirmed that Austin was seen and recruited directly by AIST.

Now Austin will be able to play the sport he loves in another country with teams from all around the world.  The United World games will have 40 different Nations attending.

Along with working Austin is raising money to be able to participate.  There is a GoFundMe account set up in his honor as well as any donation checks can be mailed to his attention at 20236 Hague Rd, Noblesville, IN 46062.  Any donation is great appreciated for this once in a lifetime opportunity.